How do you get the name of an open saved file in memory using message box?

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Sun Jun 13 06:02:30 EDT 2010

> The question is how do you get the name of the file that is opened from a
> script to save in a variable. This is what I been unable to do.

How do you open the file? Do you get the user to select a file using
the answer file dialog?
If so, try something like this:

global gOpenDataFile
answer file "Select a file to open:"
if it is empty then exit to top
put it into gOpenDataFile
put URL ("file:" & gOpenDataFile) into tFileData
-- process the file data as usual

Now the global variable gOpenDataFile contains the full path to the
data file that was opened.
You can use this later when asking to save:

global gOpenDataFile
ask file "Save data file?" with gOpenDataFile

And it will offer the same folder and file name as before.
Note that if you select the same file name, the OS will give you a
file exists warning, whereas if you just save directly using the file
name, then it won't.


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