[OT] Installing Linux fonts

G. Wolfgang Gaich gwolfgang at gaich.de
Sat Jun 12 18:09:20 EDT 2010

Hello Richmond,

I tested to use all installed fonts on Ubuntu 10.04 with rev. No problem.


set the textfont of fld "/field/" to "/fontname/"

I can use all available fonts.

Only the function fontnames() does not return all the fonts.

But you can get a list of fontnames with

put shell("fc-list") into tTempFontsList
set the itemdel to ":"
repeat for each line tL in tTempFontsList
    set the itemdel to ":"
    put item 1 of tL into tL2
    set the itemdel to ","
    put item 1 of tL2 & cr after tFontsList
end repeat
delete char -1 of tFontsList

If you want to install a user font then copy it into 
and in console type:

 >  sudo fc-cache

Now you can use that font with rev.



Am 17.05.2010 18:09, schrieb Richmond Mathewson:
>  [I hope that the thread I am attempting to initiate will, eventually
> lead to an understanding of why RunRev does not play 'nicely' with
> Linux fonts]
> [Ubuntu 10.04  -- Debian deriv.]
> 1.  open a .ttf font with FontViewer
> 2. click on 'Install Font' button ;  'Install Failed'
> Q1. Is that because I am not root user?
> 3. attempt to open FontViewer as root:
>     got "distracted" by Font Manager  /usr/bin
>     click on 'Manage Fonts' blob at the bottom
>     navigate to where target font is installed
>     on selecting font Font Manager opens and "blow me down"
>     it seems the font has been installed as a system font:
> 4. Open RunRev: and the target font DOESN'T show up . . . um, mumble, 
> mumble, excrement, and so on.
> 5.  AbiWord (what my sons call "Shabby Word" - never mind, it will 
> suffice for now):
>      font (Unicode TTF) shows up.
> Q2. Could this be because my target font does not have an accompanying 
> .conf file ????
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