Opaque stack resizer

Klaus on-rev klaus at major.on-rev.com
Sat Jun 12 08:23:40 CDT 2010

Hi Simon,

> Ok, I figured out what you're talking about.  The Object Library is
> something new to me since I last used MetaCard (never used RunRev
> until a few weeks ago).
> It works, but it's as sluggish as my two-liner code...the refresh rate
> (even with lockscreen) is very noticeable.
> drag grc "drag-handle"
> set the rect of this stack to the left of this stack, the top of this
> stack, the right of img "drag-handle" + the left of this stack, the
> bottom of img "drag-handle" + the top of this stack
> Thanks Klaus, at least I learned something.  :)

at least something... :-D

Best from rainy germany

Klaus Major
klaus at major.on-rev.com

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