[OT] G4 goes West

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 09:22:45 EDT 2010

Back from the dead (or very nearly):


I removed one of the hard disks in the G4 MDD from the cage that sits
over the heat sink; allowing me space to install an 80 mm 12 v fan
directly on top of the heat sink with those funny rubber doodahs to
keep it in place: power drawn from the HD cage supply.

Took out my antiquated SCSI PCI card (saved it for the day when I need
what is saved on my ZIP disks) and inserted a USB2 card.

Put 2 PCI slot cooler fans back to back in 2 of the 3 PCI slots between
the Video card and the USB2 card; jacked them into the power supply
for the other 2 hard disks.

Unscrewed the internal speaker from the 'hole' at the top front of the MDD
and taped it with electrical tape to the top of the DVD drive housing; 
left the
plastic grid on the hole: now acts as an air intake.


However; spent yesterday trawling round all the computer shops in Plovdiv,
Bulgaria in search of PCI slot fans: in 8 shops I was told:

1. They don't exist (one chap actually told me I was fantasizing).

2. Why would you need them anyway.

I then printed out a picture of a PCI slot fan and went round all the 
shops again;
the 'fantasy' man told me I was mad and had faked up the picture !!!!!

Eventually saw a "hole in the wall" repair shop; went in and the chap 
there was on
the phone to a warehouse in Sofia lickety-split; and I collected the 2 
fans this morning.

Went round to see the 'fantasy' man and waved the PCI slot cards under 
his nose . . . :)


And the moral of my story is: don't try to be clever with computers in 
Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


I took a few photos and will post them on my website in the next few days.

AFTER I have restored all my software . . . :(


Average temperature from the sensors is now 20 degs Centigrade 

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