So you CAN build an OS X app from another system...

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sat Jun 12 05:28:35 EDT 2010


I've seen your posts on this subject several times now and I never  
thought it was a real problem. I have now actually done a test on Win  
XP, building a standalone on a PC, zipping it and copying it over to a  
Mac OS X Leopard machine. The standalone runs fine. Under which  
circumstances doesn't the standalone run exactly?

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On 12 jun 2010, at 04:32, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> ...if that system is Linux.
> Earlier here we discussed the difficulty of making Mac builds from  
> other OSes, and at the time we were focused on Windows.
> I just ran this simple test on Ubuntu 10.04:
> 1. Make a Mac standalone
> 2. Zipped it
> 3. Copied the Zip file via USB drive (FAT16, FWIW) to my Mac
> 4. Unzipped it
> 5. Double-clicked it
> RESULT: Ran just fine.
> Apparently since both OS X and Linux have the same Unix executable  
> bit, it carries over across platforms.
> I've been lusting after the Lemur UltraThin from System76:
> <>
> Knowing that I can build for all three platforms from that system  
> pushes a bit closer to getting one....
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> Richard Gaskin
> Fourth World Media Corporation

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