Stack shape

Simon Lord slord at
Thu Jun 10 21:26:59 EDT 2010

I'm trying to have my cake and eat it too but not getting very far.

I'm trying to make my own stack *shape* and seem to be failing miserably.  Why?

1) *Standard* look for OS X actually hasn't been what RunRev is
offering for some time now.  The bottom corners should be rounded and
there is no option for fatboy style title bars.

2) Metal texture is very close but I can't get rid of those 4px wide
borders on either side of the stack.

So I figured I'd make a shape.  Silly me thought that RunRev would
actually use the four corners of the shape to render the 4 corners of
the stack.  Turns out it sticks to the shape image dimensions to the

Any solution to this?  Can I assign a shape to each corner to get my
rounded corners and build my own custom titlebar?

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