Linux question / problem

Glen Bojsza gbojsza at
Thu Jun 10 20:19:36 EDT 2010

I hope that there are some Rev users working with Linux (with Android coming
there may quite a few more).

Anyways, I am using Fedora 11 with Gnome desktop.

What I would like to do is associate a Logo image with the application I am
working on. In Windows and OS X this is all built in quite nicely but in
Linux it does not seem straight forward.

Does anyone have some experience / wisdom or step by step guide on how to do
this ... file association, icon location, icon size / format?

The second problem that I am encountering (though I don't believe it is only
on Linux) is that I import a snapshot of a field, rotate it 90 degrees and
then place it at a specific location.

All of this works as it should with the exception or annoyance of the image
"flashing" on the center of the screen before being rotated and moved.

I have tried

lock screen
import snapshot of field "test"
unlock screen

But this results in the application hanging until I go and click in the
script editor?

Is there anyway to do this in a background or hidden?



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