Help with bg graphic

Emmett Gray film2 at
Thu Jun 10 12:43:42 EDT 2010

This is driving me nuts. I've got a HC stack (the last one I'm still 
using  - all others already imported into Rev) which I'm trying to 
convert. I'm resizing it and and I've edited the bg graphic in 
Photoshop. I've saved it as a .png file, and can replace the original 
with it by changing the reference to it in the object inspector to an 
external file. But I'd like to have it in the stack and not external. 
Every attempt to do this results in something getting screwed up - 
either the graphic becomes a solid gray field (which exists as 
another background in the stack) or else something else gets screwed 
up when I try to bring it in as "new control" - like it ends up only 
on the current card. If I import it into the image library, it sticks 
itself on top of the current card. If I delete that image, it then 
disappears from the library too. If I select the bogus gray 
background and try to edit that externally by selecting the pencil 
tool in the inspector, nothing happens at all (but that works OK for 
card images). What am I doing wrong?

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