Getting errors in the rev program: please help!

Andre.Bisseret Andre.Bisseret at
Thu Jun 10 12:14:46 EDT 2010


I am transforming an app. using behaviors; (the behaviors are in a  
special card of the main stack to be inherited by independant stacks  
which can be created by cloning a modelStack (which is a substack of  
the main).

One week ago I was still using rev 4.0 but, as I had problems  
(behaviors non inherited when reopening stacks) I was obliged to  
download rev 4.5 dp 3 were this bug is fixed.

So I am using this version for several days now.

BUT, since yerterday, I get big troubles:

When I open/close the main stack only, all is working normally.

But as soon as a substack is opened, when I close the main stack (red  
round button at the top left) rev freezes for at least 20 seconds,  
then the stack closed but rev still continues to be inert for long  
seconds before resuming a normal state,

And then (in tRev) I get errors concerning the stack "Home"  such as :

Handler: can't find handler
Object: btn "revBackScript" of card id 1002 of stack "revLibrary"
location: line 2139 Char 1

and a lot of others (as "does not have this property", "error in  
statement" etc) all concerning handlers of Rev.

I am completely paralyze; can"t work any more  :-(((

I may have done something which triggers these errors, I don't know  
and have no idea what that could be.

Help please; any idea would be very much appreciated

Best regards from Grenoble


P.S. I downloaded rev 4.5 dp 3 again but I get the seme troubles.

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