Simon Lord slord at
Thu Jun 10 08:04:01 EDT 2010

10yrs ago I left the community for Flash, then a few years ago I
dropped Flash for CCS3/DHTML.  Now I'm playing with RunRev (was
MetaCard) again and having fun.  Lots of things have been improved,
the font support and html rendering are very impressive.

What's lacking however, is the ability to *easily* create GUI skins.
This was a huge problem in Flash as well until a technique known as
Scale9 was developed.

An entire site is dedicated to this when a UI designer realized its potential:

All you do is drop the GUI component of your choice into your Flash
app and *poof*, instant skin.  It's actually quite easy to do as well
using the tools in Flash but sites like this make the task of creating
the entire skin even easier.

I'd love to see RunRev get its own Scale9, or $$$ plugin.

PS: There was another project called "Liquid Components" for Flash
which is now open source.  It operated differently and was just as

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