Stacks with transparent background

Shao Sean shaosean at
Wed Jun 9 20:14:47 CDT 2010

> Interesting - thanks! Any reason you know of for not choosing composite
> windows on OSX - I take it you can't port your external to OSX without
> :)

No idea.. Might be a historical reason from when Mac OS X was just
starting or from when Dr Raney was working on the engine or it might be a
technical reason to deal with the cross-platform UI or it might simply be
they do not know about it (only Rev can answer why).. It is just a simple
flag that needs to be set on the window, but it can only be set when the
window is being created so an external cannot just turn it on.. I know
REALbasic has it as a window property that can be toggled on and off
(window is destroyed and recreated to turn it off and on).. 

In regards to the window properties on Mac OS X I would like to see the
features toggle without destroying/creating the window every time (it
changes the windowID property and most features can be toggled live
[shadows for example])

Actually the external is a port from the current Mac external to Windows
but without a Windows machine to code on my development stopped (now I have
an Intel MacBook Pro so I can get back in to it in the future)


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