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Firefox + Firebug still a winner combination too! :D

On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 6:50 PM, stephen barncard <
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> the new Safari browser is now available... and although the HTML5 features
> are compelling, some of the best features are there for programmers.
> Available for Window as well as Mac.
> My favorite is the "snippet editor" which is this split window with two
> fields.    Enter HTML, Java, Javascript DOM - most stuff you put into a web
> page - and it interprets as you type, character by character.
> It's kind of like a 'command line' for the webkit engine, except it
> responds
> immediately
> Great for testing... little code snippets
> or paste in entire web pages. If the references are all full URLs you will
> see a lot of it and can play around with it. Easier than saving a text file
> then reading it back into a web page.
> Of course we could have built it in rev and revBrowser.
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