WWDC Keynote: HTML5 wide open for On-Rev & revServer

François Chaplais francois.chaplais at mines-paristech.fr
Wed Jun 9 16:57:05 EDT 2010

Jerry et al, you may be interested in this:
its a toolkit for streaming video to the iPhone/iPad, all in HTML5
Le 9 juin 2010 à 22:05, Jerry Daniels a écrit :

> Robert,
> It's tricky for ME to discuss Rodeo specifics, even if the topic would be of general interest. Truth is, I cannot think of many things we're doing with Rodeo that would not be of immense interest to lots of folks here.
> But me discussing these items and YOU discussing them are two different things. I'm a Rev user, but I'm also a visiting vendor of other wares. It would seem you have greater freedom to discuss.
> Best,
> Jerry Daniels
> Follow the Rodeo discussion:
> http://rodeoapps.com/rodeo-discuss-among-yourselves

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