[OT] Mac PPC and USB2 ?

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 14:10:38 EDT 2010

On 06/09/2010 08:07 PM, stephen barncard wrote:
> Richmond, do you have a problem with Firewire? Even FW 400 is way faster
> than USB2 for extended disk operations. (IMHO) USB is for mice and keyboards
> and USB sticks.

NO! I have no problem at all with Firewire; and, just as soon as I have 
my G4 up-and-running
I am going to yank out a 750 GB ATA disk I have inside and pop it into a 
LaCie Firewire-&-USB
external box I have.

YES! Bulgaria has a problem with Firewire as (well, at least in Plovdiv) 
there are about 10 Macs in the country,
and 4 of them are mine; so nobody sells a Firewire external thing here.

Once I have hoicked out the 750 GB and got it inside the Firewire box I 
shall; glacially slowly,
pop all my USB backup onto that - but, a USB2 card (I saw one online by 
Allegro) would
expedite matters considerably.

The 1.5 TB could then be connected up to a P4 I am currently using with 
kids I teach to do a remake
of "Snow White and the incredibly expanding list of pupils" with puppets 
made from old socks:
no doubt knocking everything out of competition at Cannes next year . . 
.  :)  And before you ask; the
'pupils', being made of socks, will be called "mouldy, manky, sweaty, 
cheesy, holey" and so on!

"USB is for mice and keyboards and USB sticks."

try telling that to some salesperson in a computer shop here in 
Bulgaria; first off, they haven't heard
of Firewire!

What is not at all clear to me is what is actually inside the Maxell 
Tank; documentation is minimal
to say the least, and I am reluctant to open the thing up until its 
guarantee expires (2 years); but,
for a 1.5 TB disk it is rather cheap. Should it contain a PATA or a SATA 
disk I am wondering about
buying an empty Firewire enclosure in Britain (will be over there for 12 
days at the start of August)
to transfer it to.


The whole thing, ultimately, boils down to my own stupidity. I should 
have realised that a G4 Mac at
7 years old just might throw a tantrum; and I should have made proviso 
for that; but didn't.

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