A problem with clearing fields on marked cards

charles61 cszasz at mac.com
Wed Jun 9 13:03:04 EDT 2010


I made some changes in my script, which works. I am carefully checking any field on a marked card to see if there are problems.

Here is the revised script

on mouseUp
   repeat with y = 1 to the number of marked cds ------> Clears fields on marked cards
      repeat with u = 1 to the number of fields of marked card y 
         if the lockText of field u of card y is false then put empty into field u of marked card y
         --         if the short name of field u of marked card y CONTAINS "field" then put empty into field u of marked card y
      end repeat 
   end repeat 
end mouseUp

What do you think?

Charles Szasz
cszasz at mac.com

On Jun 8, 2010, at 9:39 AM, dunbarx [via Runtime Revolution] wrote:

> The properties mentioned are not intrinsic to label fields, they are just 
> defaults at creation, and may be common to other fields. Certainly sharedText 
> and lockText could be. All the other suggestions are valid as far as they 
> go, naming, numbering, layering, etc., but these may not be convenient, or 
> constant, and may be tedious to manage down the road. In other words, they may 
> not go very far. 
> Naming them with a unique beginning string is pretty robust, I guess; I've 
> done that. But I still think that creating a custom property is the cleanest 
> way. It isn't so onerous, after all. 
> Craig Newman 
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