iTunes style titlebar

Simon Lord slord at
Tue Jun 8 23:57:25 EDT 2010

Is it possible to *assign* a style that mimics the thickness of the  The CODA application has the same thickness (~120px

I couldn't do it so I figured I'd just trap the mouse position and
drag the window when the user clicks on the space just below the
titlebar (in order to simulate a thicker titlebar).  It works great,
but the bugger drags the whole app right off the top of the screen.
Mac OS apps don't allow the titlebar to be dragged under the OS menu
and now I have a few options:

1) Does RunRev support a thinker title bar that we can mount icons
onto etc. (like CODA, iTunes...)
2) Properly detect the top of the stack and exit script before user
drags stack under OS X system menu bar (tried, doesn't work)

I'd be happy with any solution where the *feel* of OS X integrity is upheld.

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