WWDC Keynote: HTML5 wide open for On-Rev & revServer

Jerry Daniels jerry.daniels at me.com
Tue Jun 8 16:34:52 EDT 2010


These are excellent issues and questions. We have a very robust  
discussion area for thoughts and comments from everyone. We also have  
monthly online (GoToMeeting) summits for pre-release registrants where  
we review all relevant technological issues...from syntax and language  
to architecture and scope. We want a healthy exchange of ideas while  
we build.

It's our goal to have the highest performance, most secure solutions  
money can buy. We really want our hosting to be A-1. We have chosen a  
premium provider and review performance and configurations frequently.  
I have a good background in server-side architecture, security and  

When I do run into my own ignorance, I know what to ask and whom to  
ask. Also, Sarah and MJ are very knowledgeable, and they ARE both  
mothers. They are endowed with great reserves of common sense and good  


We are now in a gray area as far as discussion here on the How to Use  
Revolution list goes. I'm between a rock and a hard place. I don't  
want to appear unresponsive to your and other questions, but I also  
don't want to wear out my welcome here. I try to give quick answers  
and then redirect to our discussion group.

So follow our discussion area and participate. It's free. Or better  
yet, actually get involved. Buy into the project and help guide it as  
we go one step at a time. We are going to listen most closely to the  
people we are committing to us and our project early-on.

There aren't many opportunities to grow a new dev environment for a  
new class of device. This is a huge technical opportunity for everyone  
involved. Especially for Sarah, MJ and me. We want to share it with  
others, and we want it to be financially rewarding for the first 250  
people involved (253 counting the three of us).


Jerry Daniels

Follow the Rodeo discussion:

On Jun 8, 2010, at 3:09 PM, Robert Mann wrote:

> Yes indeed, Mike, i understand jerry's answer as far as server side  
> accounts
> are concerned.
> I was just pointing out that in the context of "html5 local  
> storage", if and
> when a web app uses that storage, then there are issues of security.
> I'm working on an eDemocracy site & app. i'll try hard to make it as  
> secure
> as possible in order not to allow anybody to gather information  
> about what
> somebody else think.
> What troubles me is at the same time to see a big move towards mobile
> advertisement AND the launching of HTML5 local storage which unlike  
> cookies
> (which have caused trouble in the minds!) can have persistent datas,  
> and
> much more datas.
> So I beleive it could be a good thing to be very clear on this data  
> policy
> with users, for a change!
> Actually I do have a question on this HTML5 specifs : how can the user
> monitor datas? Has he got the right to go and inspect? or is it  
> context
> dependant, e.i only a javascript program imbedded in a page of the  
> said
> domain could get to the datas? If anybody has a clue, thanks!

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