WWDC Keynote: HTML5 wide open for On-Rev & revServer

Jerry Daniels jerry.daniels at me.com
Mon Jun 7 17:50:18 EDT 2010


I just followed the Apple WWDC Keynote live blog by MacWorld. I have  
to say:

I saw some very impressive integration of software and hardware. Apple  
is definitely leading the way with hybrid design. They've gone way  
beyond industrial design or "user interface" or "user experience."  
This stuff will be hard to copy. And it has tremendous traction in the  
market already.

Mr. Jobs made it abundantly clear that there are two ways to get apps  
on the iOS 4 platform (iOS 4 = iPad + iPhone + iPod Touch): the  
curated (and sometime just hated) app store and HTML5 which he made  
clear was WIDE open.

There is a wonderful opportunity to create rich HTML5 apps for this  
platform much faster by taking advantage of On-Rev and the revServer  
technologies. Sarah, MJ and I are doing our version of just that with  
Rodeo. We would not have made it to pre-release in month without  
revServer technology.

Anyways, great stuff from Apple. Go to their front page (http://apple.com 
) to see a couple really nice videos. One is about the iPhone 4 and  
the other is about their incredible built-in video chat called  
FaceTime. The FaceTime video is quite touching, actually.

Forgot to mention iPhone 4 also has built-in video cam AND iMovie!  
Smokin' hot.


Jerry Daniels

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