REALBasic vs Revolution (Michael Kann)

Peter Haworth pete at
Sun Jun 6 15:41:40 EDT 2010

Thanks for all the input.  As usual, sounds like it comes down to a  
matter of the application and personal preferences.  I've spent  
perhaps 30 minutes looking over Real Studio and what has caught my eye  
so far is the report writer, as previously mentioned, what looks like  
very well organised documentation (which for me is a major problem  
area in Revolution), and IDE that feels more comfortable to me, and at  
first glance, functionality that is at least equivalent to  
Revolution.  Small things catch my eye, like placing controls on a  
tabbed control automatically makes them visible/invisible when a tab  
is clicked on without having to mess with groups as in Revolution.

Lynn, you mentioned several third party report writers for Rev.  I'm  
aware of Quartum but could you point me to any others?  The lack of  
built-in report writing capabilities in Rev is a major issue for me.

Once again, thanks to all for the valuable input.  I'm probably not  
going to switch to Real Studio at this point, I've got too many  
development hours invested in my Revolution app, but when I start my  
next app I think I will try Real Studio out to see what it can do.

Pete Haworth

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