REALBasic vs Revolution

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Sat Jun 5 20:25:51 EDT 2010

I would agree about the chunk expressions and text.  But I will say it all
depends on your task.  I have used RealBasic for about 7years and RunRev for
about 3.

My main project is software which goes through lists of individual trading
transactions and matches the trades into round trips and calculates
gains/losses and then generates tax form PDF documents.  The file sizes
typically are in the realm of 6000 lines but can go up to approximately
100,000 lines.

I originally had a version in RealBasic and rewrote it in RunRev when I was
tackling the output to PDF files.  My experience is that the RealBasic
matching engine was faster but this is not significant for my typical file
size.  Because most of this app involves opening files, assigning items in a
comma separated line and operating on those items and writing files back to
the hard drive, RunRev is much much faster development wise. The experience
as a whole is far more pleasant to work in and there is much less reluctance
for me to actually open up the project and make changes.

That said, I genuinely like RealBasic and have found other projects for
which it is much better suited.  I have a project that makes mosaic versions
of photos and does some other filter type effects.  This type of project
runs in just tolerable times in RealBasic but is too slow in RunRev.  I
actually used a procedural basic called PureBasic on a version of this and
that was blazingly fast, but the overall development environment was much
much slower as the language and IDE were simply just a little too different.

I would say RunRev is not the best development environment for image
processing and without threads you have to be careful in large processing
loops to properly use wait with messages, etc.  However, if you are
crunching text and/or have any background with Hypercard / Supercard then
RunRev definitely gets the edge.  It also can't be beat if you practice some
type of profession such that programming isn't your "all day job" but you do
it to create custom tools to make your main work better.

Someone the other day mentioned it was an odd duck but very special, and I
would agree with that completely.

 Hope this might be a little helpful, but sometimes you just never can know
until you wade in completely...


On Sat, Jun 5, 2010 at 6:41 PM, Michael Kann <mikekann at> wrote:

> The most important difference I've found between the two is that the chunk
> expressions in RunRev make it much easier to manipulate text.
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> > On 06/05/2010 08:21 PM, Peter Haworth
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> > > Wondering if anyone has personal experience using REAL
> > Basic and Revolution?  I did see some discussions on
> > this list but they're all pretty old.  At first glance,
> > REAL Basic appears to provide very similar functionality to
> > Revolution and a few things (like a report writer) that
> > aren't in Revolution, at least without an extra cost third
> > party add-on.
> > >
> > > Also possible that this isn't an appropriate place for
> > such discussions, and I'm fine with that.
> > >
> > > Thanks,
> > >
> > > Pete Haworth
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> > Have a look at HyperNext:
> >
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