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Fri Jun 4 16:53:21 EDT 2010

A problem was posted to the forums. SomeOne wanted to type text into a 
field, and have that text dynamically located among the lines of another 
scrolling list field such that closer and closer matches are found as the text 
entry gets longer.

Easy to do. Two fields, some lineOffset stuff, etc.

I was wondering if a combo box couldn't act like that on its own. The text 
entry field does respond to field messages, like "keyUp", but it takes some 
finagling to pop open the box:

click at item 1 of the topRight of me - 5 & "," & item 2 of the topRight of 
me +5

But then I am stuck on how to scroll the contents of the combo box based on 
additional text entry. In fact, how to continue text entry (with the box 
open) at all. Very few messages are sent from an open combo box, in fact, 
none, and that is my problem. As a pertinent side issue, is there a property 
that returns the "scroll" of an open combo box?

Too much to ask of this humble control?


Craig Newman

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