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Robert Mann rman at
Thu Jun 3 15:07:04 EDT 2010

There seems to be a big change just around the corner. As I see it.. for
linux & runrev TOGETHER

yes : TOGETHER  a) a bundle ready to install     and b) an openSource
ShellTalk command line interface to make it much more accessible to
everybody, including grand-ma. How about that!? Ha and commands that.. hw to
say that : match the people use rather than the computer needs (please, show
today's new files, thanks ; please, change the rights of folder myfolder and
all (its) files to categoryofRights, thanks)

hint : that openSOurce ShellTalk would need to be driven though by an
insitution, and it could be in the interest of runrev to do it, but keep it

a) more and more people are educated.. and perhaps more linux capable. In
particular, I personnaly would switch back to a very simple desktop with a
command line system if a xTalk command line tool appears. Imagine a shell
layer, that would understand english like commands, really polished and
"evident", well documented and stream-lined to these 80% need... I found
Andre Garzia contribution of the linux and runrev bundle distro great,
great! I think a step further would be such a ShellTalk interface. 

This would solve the bigest problem of linux : all these distributions that
rely on interface subtleties.. trying to implement some visual interfaces. A
ShellTalk could allow to have a simpler core distro, which would not rely on
sophisiticated interfaces... and in the end be so much more simple!?

b) the netbook wave is putting forward the linux proposition, with the small
thing running swiftly (how many netbooks run linux?) - there is a true
actual need and nearly a demand?

c) the de facto huge power of windows is being challenged, at least in the
minds : google unplugging windows is a huge sign to businesses. Its the
biggest business in the industry that says we want only unix (mac os and

d) the magic apple effect is getting challenged too in the minds. More and
more people are concerned about being closed in, even in a really cool
hotel. Having to pay 200 dollars a night.. just to see the curtains move in
a progressive motion, like iPhones menus... does raise questions. I beleive
Apple made a fantastic jump these recent years, but that might just not hold
the next wave, beyond magic animation!? (did anybody make the common
denominator between Apple and Disney etc??)

e) android will definitely hit the spirits and most important launch an app
store. So people will come to buy linux apps.

f) the free world will be balanced, people will realize that it is ok to pay
for things... but cheap, much cheaper than before. And that is the major
apple store effect. Go for mass at reduced price. And linux could be the
best potential platform for that. And that does not mean that many apps
cannot be sold at a medium price in their niches.

g) last, I wonder if and when a mjority of tech users will change focus and
see computers as.. just simple tools.. and not magical promisses... that
could change a lot and favor linux again (some realize they mostly use
email, webbrowser and 2 or 3 tools..!). Someday more people will realize we
do not need the funky animated stuff and that it sucks (our mind sometimes!)

h) and this "awareness" when it reaches back, will bring in simple OS that
respond to a kind of natural ShellTalk. Personnaly I'm working on one app
where the interface is stripped off and which is driven by a dialog.
Recently, Apple bought a personnal assistant web service that works just
like that. And I do beleive that this will be the next chapter. And for
that, runrev is well placed and that is why I chose it.. and a shellTalk
unix thing would.. well : I'm ready to invest! smile.. 

What do you think?

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