RevSudio on sale for $50

Graham & Heather Harrison crw at
Thu Jun 3 06:59:00 CDT 2010

To get things straight, this is not RevStudio for $50: it is RevStudio plus nine other Mac apps for $50. This distinction will not affect the Win World, but it will the Mac users - some of the other apps are very well regarded.

The nine apps have a combined recommended value of $250. Since the banner says "Ten apps for $500", it means RevStudio has been valued at $250 which is its normal runRev price. On this basis RevStudio is selling for $25, a discount of 90%.

After some aggro in the early days, bundle sellers guarantee that all apps purchased are the full retail version with all rights and privileges accruing. As there is no restriction with RevStudio as to which platform you use, even though this sells as a Mac bundle,the buyer will be able to download any and all platform versions.

All of this will probably not worry all the old hands one little bit. But as a new user who paid the full $250 just over two months ago, I am feeling a little PO'd.

I am wondering if the company might consider substituting an upgrade to RevEnterprise for current RevStudio holders.

On a less personal note, I am wondering how much this deal has been prompted by the recent iPad kerfuffle, and the problems that caused. Rev will get a major proportion of their income from this sale, from people who don't care about RevStudio, but will take it as a freebie with the other apps they do want. And I reckon this will be at least a 10K bundle. (Or am I just being cynical.)

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