RevSudio on sale for $50

David C. davidocoker at
Wed Jun 2 18:00:30 EDT 2010

>> spread the word!
> Hummm..... I wonder if there is a restriction on what platform is
> available for that price?
> Would be awesome if I could grab the Linux version instead of the Mac. ;)

I guess I'm losing it.... replying to my own list message.
I emailed them about the platforms available at that awesome price and
got a reply:

>> Hi David,
>> Sorry, it's the Mac version only...

Foiled again!

Hummm, if there any Rev marketing folks reading this, perhaps you
might consider a special sale or alternate upgrade/add on pack on the
Linux version for folks like myself, that already have one platform
and only want one more.

Upgrading to RevEnterprise is always an option of course, but I have
no need for the extra "features" and even less of a need or desire for
the Mac version. The studio to enterprise requires a pretty hefty
upgrade fee for features and capabilities that I do not need or want.
(Sorry about that to all of you Mac folks... no harm intended.)

The really funny/crazy thing in all of this is that I originally
purchased the old DreamCard version -> for Linux <- because that has
been my preferred O/S for 6-7 years. After using DC for less than a
week, I was sold on Rev completely and quicklyupgraded to Studio.
Unfortunately, I got the Windows version because of all of the work I
do for my employer. (windows based shop).

These days I just keep sitting patiently on the sideline hoping for an
eventual bargain so I can work in Linux.

Best regards,
David C.

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