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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jun 2 13:54:45 EDT 2010

Dan Friedman wrote:

>> File was not saved where you thought it was saved.
> Then why would the original file have been deleted?
>> User or app appears to have saved the file but in reality, didn't.
> Again, why would the original file have been deleted?

libURL uses the STOR FTP command to post files.  I know that when a file 
already exists at the specified location the new file will overwrite it, 
but I'm not clear on the exact sequence of actions it will use to do so.

It may be that the original file is deleted by the FTP server 
immediately before the new file is written, and if that's the case there 
may be a problem with the FTP server in question or the data transfer to 
it which is allowing the first action (delete) to take place without 
being followed by the second (write).

Your client-side logs from libURL won't be able to help you, but there 
may be some diagnostics that can be done by a tech on the server side to 
see those specifics.

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