Delay in opening the first card. How can I solve this?

William de Smet williamdesmet at
Wed Jun 2 08:32:29 CDT 2010

Hi Mark,

I just used 'if the platform is "Win32" then set the dontUseQT to true'  on

Tested it on WinXP (Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz with 500 MB RAM) and I noticed a
little difference in speed. Without the script there is a little delay but
not as much as on Windows 7. Will test that as soon as possible as well as
with Windows Vista. I will keep you informed.

What if the system is 64bit? Do I replace 32 with 64 in the script?

Thanks again!



2010/6/2 Mark Schonewille <m.schonewille at>

> Hi William,
> The wait command in your script just adds another delay, because RunRev is
> completely blocked while waiting. If you add "with messages" to the command,
> you'll give the engine a chance to do its thing while your script waits. I
> don't think this will make much of a difference, except that going to the
> next card will always take more than 7 seconds.
> I have had the same problem several times, too. I wonder whether it has
> something to do with QuickTime. Getting the QTVersion in the preOpenStack
> handler will load QT before the first card shows. Maybe this moves the delay
> to the startup time of your programme/stack. Setting the dontUseQT to true
> doesn't load QT at all, which might take away the delay completely. I might
> be all wrong about this, but I'm curious whether it makes any difference.
> Do any scripts run when cd "start_2x2" opens?
> P.S. There's also
> --
> Best regards,
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> On 2 jun 2010, at 11:00, William de Smet wrote:
>  Hi there,
>> I notice quite some delay in opening cards in my new app on Win 7. On OSX
>> all is fine (I asked before on the list).
>> I click a button and nothing happens (so it seems). After some time the
>> next
>> card is shown.
>> It is just a button with the most simple script: go cd "start_2x2".
>> In the end it will be an app with about 100 cards in it I think so the
>> delay
>> can take a while?
>> For now I came up with the following, so the user has some visual
>> feedback.
>> *on* mouseUp
>>  *unlock* cursor
>>  *set* cursor to watch
>>  *lock* cursor
>>  *wait* 7 sec
>>  *go* cd "start_2x2"
>> *end* mouseUp
>> The 7 sec is just my idea and it can take much longer.
>> Is there another way to do this? I want the 'wait' to be an exact time
>> (after the wait the next card opens).
>> Thanks in advance.
>> greetings,
>> William
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