How to launch an app invisible?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Tue Jun 1 13:48:28 EDT 2010

Sorry, I know this must have been asked a couple of times, but I didn't got
the right search terms for the archives.

I want to build a tiny launcher app to launch another app and quits
afterwards, without any notice for the user, so that he doesn't even knows
of its existence.

Technically everything is easy, beside I don't get the launcher totally
invisible. I tried it with setting the stack property invisible. Hiding the
stack at startup, setting the topleft to -1000,-1000 at startup, getting rid
of every title controls, BUT whatever I try, a "window frame" (which is much
larger as the stack size) blinks up for a moment, before the launcher
disappears. It's just a nice to have, but I am sure there must be an easy

Thank you




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