The State of Rev (Was Re: [ANN] Rodeo IDE preview video)

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Tue Jun 1 13:05:57 EDT 2010

I get the impression that Jerry likes the built in editor just fine the way it is. ;-)

Let's face it, Revolution is an odd duck. It really is. A most amazing, magical, useful and inspiring duck, but still odd. What other paradigm in the software development world is like Revolution? It's BECAUSE it's not Java or C++ or ObjectiveC or even Pascual that I can use it. But some of it's edges are unpolished. Still, it's come a long way from where it was when I first got ahold of it, and one of the reasons I pony up each year, and recently for 5 years in advance, is because I see it as an investment. So long as revolution thrives and continues to become even just a little bit better, I will be a happy camper. 

I can actually write useful apps with this thing!! Given my lack of patience, and the time needed to write a really professional looking app, Revolution feels like it was made just for me. I don't mind then a few feathers out of place here and there, especially since others like Jerry and Trevor and so many others that don't get as much credit as they deserve, are doing a bit of preening on our beloved duck. I rather like the whole crazy odd little setup we have going here. 


On Jun 1, 2010, at 6:38 AM, Thomas McGrath III wrote:

> I would rather have 'chosen' to use tRev because of its great features (of which it has many, many great features), than having 'had' to use it because the internal editor just doesn't work well enough for professional development. I think Peter's inclusion of the Editor points to a real problem and to the impressions that he points out. 

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