Troubles downloading .eps files

As_Simon simon at
Tue Jun 1 05:14:18 EDT 2010

Hello List,
I have used rev to download thousands of files without much trouble until I
came across some .eps files.  The download starts and then stops only after
I have downloaded a portion of the file.  The result is empty or
"downloaded" depending on which method I use.  This error is very repeatable
but twice out of about 60 attempts I did manage to get the file.  I have
downloaded consecutively dozens of files of less than or greater file size
from the same server and network but only the .eps fails, I don't believe
it's a network problem.
I can see that the socket is still open and the file is still downloading
but since rev thinks it's done the rest of the file goes????
Using FireFox I can download the complete file without an error.

Looking at the .eps file the common thing I see is that it was saved as an
.eps from Photoshop (but not sure that has anything to do with it).

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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