MySQL, PostgreSQL and irev

Pierre Sahores psahores at
Sat Jul 31 18:25:22 EDT 2010

In betwin us, ....

One year ago, i could'nt start my first irev project in binding it to my prefered RDBMS ever : PostgreSQL but ... MySQL 5 was available and configured for production state use and i started to work with it and got what i needed from it ...

I'm yet working on an other project that i firstly choosed to bind to MySQL but, i discovered inbetwin that PostgreSQL is yet configured to work as expected with on-rev ! Because the current project is still in its early stage, i'm yet switching it from MySQL to PG and you know what : PG is realy, realy more reliable than MySQL ...

Less, cleaner and clear SQL statments are what we get in choosing the BSD licensied PG against MySQL. The main advantage : less time is needed to setup a rock solid (acid-complient) SQL backend. Best, i had to use the PostGIS components in an AJAX (kmap) GIS project, some years ago for the french CNRS and you know what : it's as cool as the rest of the PostgreSQL core components !

Just to say : you are tied to compose with the MySQL "caprices" ? Just try PG and you will love it and switch to it in understanding all the precious working time you will get back in avoiding to have to compose with the Oracle's MySQL "semi-calamiteuse" solution anymore ;-)

Pierre Sahores
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