OT: Interactive reverse graph plot

Alex Adams alex at a2technology.com
Wed Jul 28 14:42:36 EDT 2010

Sorry to sound obtuse, but I have been looking for what seems like it should
be a simple tool or a program that contains the features to:

Draw a graph line manually and have it generate/change the corresponding
plot point data.  Does that make since?  I¹m creating some growth
projections in a proforma and I know what the curve looks like that I want,
but generating the data to create the curve is very time consuming.  I want
to be able to make adjustments by dragging points directly on the graph and
have the supporting point data updated.

I¹m not asking for suggestions on how to make such a tool.  I want to find a
tool that does this today so that I can work through these spreadsheets more

Any suggestions?
Alex Adams

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