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Wed Jul 28 11:08:37 EDT 2010

Hi Craig,

No, Rev has a kind of homestack, but it is not the start center and  
you can't edit it AFAIK. It doesn't make much sense to edit the stack  

If you want to add your own scripts to the IDE, you could create a  
plugin that laods automatically when the IDE starts up. I don't think  
you can run your own startUp handler in the IDE, other than by calling  
it from another script or the message box.

The startUp message is sent to the mainstack of your standalone  
project, if you use that mainstack to build a standalone.

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On 28 jul 2010, at 17:01, DunbarX at wrote:

> In HC, one is always assured that the home stack script will be  
> placed well
> back in the message hierarchy when HC is first started, regardless  
> of how
> that process is initiated. So that a "startup" message can be  
> handled in a
> central, guaranteed-to-be-there location.
> In Rev, Is the stack "revStartCenter" typically used in a similar  
> role? Is
> it the "home" where general application startup handlers should be  
> placed
> similarly to "home" in HC? Its script is certainly accessable,  
> though this is
> not particularly obvious.
> Just when I think I am becoming an intermediate player, I find I am  
> still a
> newbie.
> Craig Newman

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