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Robert Mann rman at
Tue Jul 27 08:37:58 EDT 2010

...a SUMMARY !

1) rodeo is great stuff we all agree, it is connected to rev, but also
"tangential" stuff.

2) for start up it was ok to communicate here, it got "the juice flowing".
Also, on a practical basis, rodeo does not have a true forum. Just a blog
with a comment list. That could explain.

3) some people feel we have too much of rodeo here, some others feel we have
too little of rev.

It may well have something to do with the lack of communication of runrev.
Kevin Miller and Jerry Daniels have very different approaches. The "flowing
fruity juice" of rodeo underlines, by contrast, how the juice is for the
time being not flowing from runrev. This is particularly "sensitive" to
early adopters of on-rev, revlets and last but not least revMobile which
triggered a nice momentum at a time, but still with a rather "timid"
communication policy, not far from the "secrecy" policy of our great Brother

Hence the OT sub discussion here about jailbreaking... which appeared to be
disconnected.. but, not so much after all..

Some of that stopped momentum has been caught up by rodeo. Early revMobile
supporters who, for some reason do not want or can't jump in rodeo, might
accumulate a little bit of ressentment as time goes, by without news from
runrev. This could explain 53 msg on the topic... no?

Up to a point I remember me thinking.. hey.. Kevin could have offered
revMobile founders a rodeo account!!
This accounts of the frustration I got, feeling a more fruity juice coming
from runrev last year, and then, pfff.; no more juice.

To make the point, I was curious enough to go to the the runrev blog read
the article on android. In the last paragraph, we learn that rev will see
how it can basically step along the latest squeak inspired android
development for dummies environment; And closes with "All in all very
exciting times. Stay tuned for more on our Android strategy soon." That is
all we got from runrev on the subject since 10th may. Exciting times?
On its own its could be a great piece of news. But in the context, that is
ALL the news we got! and that leaves me.. "floating in the air"

4) This runrev list is a fantastic place of sharing (thanks Rene for the
french ok trick...) 

- i'm confident that we all got the message that rodeo discussion have their
OWN place, AND that regular annoucment of rodeo progress will be made here

- Id' really like to hear more from runrev here too... (volunteers for a
community song "we love you too Kevin!" ??)   And particularly in the style
of rodeo... things like

"Hi folks, we listened to you! so we're putting up a running audio updating
month. Volunteers welcomed for helping analyse problems, dervive solutions
and test our implementations on all platforms as fast as possible, we'll
give you a link for a special audio-forum, and see you in a month time for
the the first audio update!"

Would'nt that be an exciting time?

I listend to the initial msg of this thread : BACK TO RUNREV !! 
We love you Kevin and we'd like to hear from you!

My analysis and prayer...

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