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Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Mon Jul 26 13:51:22 EDT 2010

> > So rodeo could well be just a piece of the revTalk puzzle, like 
> > dataGrids are.. tRev is... and so on.. and have a place here.
> No. Datagrids and tRev can be used within Rev and become an 
> integral part of the IDE. Rodeo is a non-Rev product that 
> cannot be used with the Rev engine. It is not an adjunct to 
> Rev, and the apps it produces cannot be used with Rev. When 
> it is done reading your stack, its output is no longer a Rev 
> stack.  Rodeo can be used by anyone without needing a copy of 
> the Rev engine, and the only connection it has with Rev 
> stacks is that it can read them and turn them into something else.

I haven't been keeping as close of track of Rodeo as others have - but if
Rodeo takes Rev stacks and exports them as HTML 5, then Id say it does have
a significant role in the Rev universe. That does enable a very desirable
feature, and that could easily make the difference between a sale and a
non-sale for Revolution.

With our Valentina or Franklin 3D, what interfaces with Rev is what we talk
about, or what the value proposition is for Rev users. I wouldn't send out
posts about handling BLOBs with Director on the Rev list.

Maybe its just a matter of trusting Jerry and Sarah, knowing this is an
issue for some, make sure posts are at least somewhat relevant to Rev users
and the rest of us not sweating the small stuff.

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Lynn Fredricks
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