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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Jul 26 11:39:30 EDT 2010

I've been corresponding with Kevin on some Linux issues, and he just 
sent me these two screen shots with permission to share them with the 
Linux fans here:


The first is from prior to a recent round of bug fixes, the second from 

Note that in addition to the improved appearance of the default button 
as I'd noted here earlier, the team has also cleaned up field border 

While modest enhancements, they go a long way to make our stuff look 
good on Linux, and demonstrate some of the effort the team is putting in 
on that goal.

Kevin tells me he still doesn't have a definitive word on the 
printPaperOrientation issue in Linux, and given that this has also been 
cited as an issue with other dev tools I can't predict how it'll go in 
Rev 4.5, but I'll report back here as I learn more.

In the meantime at least there's some healthy progress being made there, 
and in conjunction with the diagnostic work we're doing on this list the 
Rev/Linux situation is looking better every week.

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