tRev and Win Vista

Mark Talluto userev at
Sun Jul 25 14:06:43 EDT 2010

Interesting.  I will have to try it on 32 bit installations.  My main desktop only has 64 bit installations of Vista and Win 7.  I use Win 7 more that all the others these days.  I have an ASUS T91 that has Win 7 32 bit.  Will give that a try and report back.

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Mark Talluto

On Jul 25, 2010, at 9:39 AM, Alex Shaw wrote:

> Hmm, been having same issue with tRev on a 64-bit windows7 desktop machine here plus many other issues. Which is a shame because it has the biggest monitor attached.
> Don't have 32-bit win7 but seems to work ok on 32-bit xp on a 64-bit machine (macbook via bootcamp).
> Back to 64-bit win7, tRev and Revolution 4.0 itself seem to occasionally leave 'ghost' processes when quitting, which requires going into task manager to kill. Haven't really noticed this with any standalones I've produced.
> regards
> alex
> On 24/07/10 5:04 PM, Martin Blackman wrote:
>> Actually my bad, it doesn't work on Win 7 (64 bit) for me, only on
>> vista (32 bit, no service packs installed)Hmm
>> For some reason on Win 7 the user account control asks me if I want to
>> allow tRev to make changes to the system when I run it, I don't get
>> that on Vista
>> On 24 July 2010 14:35, Martin Blackman<martinblackman at>  wrote:
>>> works fine for me on Vista and Win 7
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