Inserting an image into a pre-existing background group?

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Thu Jul 22 16:06:59 EDT 2010


Two additions to what Jaque has already pointed out:

To "remove" an image within a group - but at the same time preserving 
the image as an object (that can stiil be used after that) - script - or 
type in the message box "put empty into image "x"". This works for an 
image inside or outside any group.

If you want to replace an image and you want to preserve the former 
image *size*, set the lockloc of the image to true before you import the 
image file the way Jaque has described

  "answer file "choose an image file:"
set the lockloc of img "x" to true
   put url ("binfile:" & it) into img "x""

Kind regards,

Wilhelm Sanke

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