confirmed recipe for linux copy & paste trouble...

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Thu Jul 22 07:31:18 EDT 2010

On 07/22/2010 12:07 PM, Peter Alcibiades wrote:
> apt-get remove glipper
> apt-get install klipper
> Done.
> Peter

It's "Richmond makes a fool of himself time" again, again, again . . .

The 'thing' that Ubuntu 10.04 had shoved in a very MicroSoft/Apple sort
of way ("We know what you want, and you don't") is called

Parcellite  "Lightweight GTK + clipboard manager"

now, when it was pointed out that quitting the clipboard manager in the 
GNOME panel
copy-paste in RunRev would start behaving itself I merrily assumed I was 
in some way
managing to do copy-pasting by bypassing the whole clipboard (which, 
when one thinks
about it is complete rubbish).

Quitting Parcellite does make the copy-paste problem in RunRev go away, 
so removing
glipper and installing klipper (and, shortly I will install 'flipper' 
inside my brain . . . tootle, tootle,
pippety-pippety poo; as the chap said to the executioner as he lay his 
head down below the guillotine;
"I do hope you disinfected the blade, it wouldn't do if I caught a nasty 
may not be strictly necessary.


Time for a trick, totally OT question:

Does anyone know where to find the chassis number on a 2010 Toyota Auris 

It took me 2 hours in the hot sun!!!! Boiled my brains right thoroughly.

Guess it is not just computer operating systems that are complete swine 
. . .  :)


Parcellite keeps popping up in the panel on a restart so I shall try a

sudo apt-get remove parcellite

and, just maybe, purely by accident and total goofiness, I may have got 
right for once.


Or, as they say in Ruritania; "There's always madness in his method."

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