Tips for multi-stack app?

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Jeff - not sure what's going on there (have you checked the defaultStack
property just prior to the problems occurring in the newWidget handler to
make sure that it's still set correctly?). Sometimes I think it's just
easier to add the stack info to your object references so you don't need to
keep track of where you are when you pass messages from stack to stack.


On 22/07/10 2:09 PM, "Jeff Massung" <massung at> wrote:

> I must be missing something, because I just can't get this to work.
> I've independently created two different stacks, with the intent of one
> using the other one at a later time. I've done this so that I can update one
> without affecting the other, and patching would be simpler (I hope), and
> might even be possible on the fly without having to shutdown the app.
> Now, each stack on its own works just fine. No problems. But, when I want
> stack A to modelessly open stack B and send some commands to the controls of
> stack B, suddenly nothing works. For example:
> -- from stack A
> send "newWidget" to group "Editor" of stack "B"
> This command sends just fine, but the handler (which works fine) fails in
> the middle because it references other controls on stack B:
> copy group "Widget" into ...
> And this fails because (I think) Rev is looking for group "Widget" on stack
> A and not stack B - where the handler is executing. Then I come across the
> defaultStack property, and because calling the "newWidget" handler, I set
> that to be stack "B". Seems fine, except the handler still has the same
> problem.
> Any suggestions for me? I have to think this is a very common thing.
> Thanks!
> Jeff M.
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