AW: Is it Rev, is it Valentina, is it MacOS? Need help!

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Wed Jul 21 13:54:19 EDT 2010


I now have set my OS X 10.5.8 back to January from my backup I having made a
fresh install of Valentina 4.7 and Rev 4.0 I am still using IOEncoding
"Macintosh" (UTF-8 didn't worked) Now it shows, that I CAN SELECT again data
with Umlaute, but it displays all Umlaute with wrong symbols, as if I
"someone" doesn't handles the font set or code page not correctly. As I said
before, I don't use any special char sets and I didn't changed anything
related in my existing prog, wher it has run before. And I don't know where
I could change anything between Valentina and Rev for testing more cases.
What has changed in between Valentina and Rev? Something with

Has anybody seen this behavior - perhaps not with Valentina, but another DB?
Any hint are highly appreciated

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