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Gregory Lypny gregory.lypny at
Tue Jul 20 12:58:25 EDT 2010

Hello everyone,

Despite having an On-Rev account, I'd like to get revServer running on a machine at work but I don't understand the configuration instructions I found on rev Lessons.  Under the Overview section, am I supposed to set REVSERVER_HOME to some path?  Where is this variable set and where does it reside?  This is followed by the CGI-When-You-Have-Access-to-Apache section, which I presumably do on my Mac, but it doesn't say how to create a handler to do the mapping that is required.  It also states parenthetically that this is not best practice (but not why), although there doesn't appear to be a section that describes what would be better practice.

Is there a revServer Configuration for Dummies document out there?



----- Excerpt from rev Lessons ----

revServer Overview

The revServer engine runs as a CGI. Its only requirement is that it can find the data, extensions and handlers folders. It does this by defining its 'server home' on startup. The rules for this are as follows:
    1) If there is an environment var REVSERVER_HOME, it uses its value
    2) If there is a folder '/opt/revserver', it uses that
    3) Otherwise, it derives the server home to be the folder containing the *resolved path* (i.e. path after symlink resolution) containing the revserver engine.

Running as a CGI when you have access to Apache Config

To get it to work as a CGI, the simplest way (although not particularly best practice) is to copy/upload the revserver binary and its folders directly into a cgi-bin folder. A suitable handler then needs to be added to the apache 
configuration to map .irev to /cgi-bin/revserver.

If you have direct access to the apache config, then there is obviously a great deal more flexibility.

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