[OT-Rodeo] Last minute call to get onboard with pre-realase conditions!

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Tue Jul 20 11:06:14 EDT 2010


I only wish I was as good as Sarah at clarifying and answering questions. She's gifted in that area where I am not...at least when it comes to text. I'm one of those bullet point guys that the presentation experts hate.

See my answers/notes below, please...

> Thank you for the additional info Jerry... I'm almost ready to grab my
> wallet, I think. ;-)
> But first, let me make sure I understand this fully.

Please understand, as always, I am much more interested in happy users of our products than the contents of any wallets. But we need that stuff in the wallets to eat, kill the raccoons that are invading our porch and other joys of life on earth. Ok, greedy bloodsucker speech done.

> In a nutshell:
> The $89 special gives the user 1 year of the service, plus a Mac
> editor for both Rodeo and Transfer if they own the hardware. The Rodeo
> editor version is or will be capable of producing either or both
> native X-code and webkit applications.

Well said, dude! You have nailed that one.

> Without the proper hardware, the user still has access to Transfer,
> which has a somewhat limited web based editor (Safari/Chrome) that can
> be used regardless of the hardware platform. No such option exists for
> the Rodeo side of the equation. (?)

Here you stray from the missal. Transfer is a Revolution stack for Revolution developers to transfer their stack to the Rodeo development server as web apps with pages. It is not an editor of any kind. You point Transfer at a stack and it translates all the UI properties of the stack's objects into Rodeo definitions.

If you have a Rodeo license, then those Rodeo definitions also get translated from Rodeo definition to HTML/CSS/etc. It does a stellar job with datagrids, btw. Anyone can download Transfer from our site and see it translate rev props into Rodeo defs. Anyone with a Rodeo license can additionally see it transfer the Rodeo defs to the Rodeo server where they become web stuff.

If you want to access the HTML/CSS/etc, that Transfer and Rodeo server create from stacks you can use the Rodeo Editor for the Mac Desktop or go use the Rodeo web editor and view source. You can't do this on iPads, but you can on any webkit browser. 

Please recall my previous speech...we are moving fast here and can only do so by focusing. We cannot take the time to try and support all the desktops. And we are seeing a non-desktop future. My Mac has a blendlevel of about 70 right now, if you catch my drift. It's something I need at the moment, but will not be here for long. I find the freedom from the platform politics that this gives me, particularly liberating.

We, however, supporting all webkit browsers, so you've got that going for you. I have to say, though, it's easier to do more industrial work on the desktop Rodeo editor. We are continually spiffing up the web-based Rodeo editor, too, to bring it more in line with the desktop one. Remember, we see webkit (and such) the future.

SO, I'm not sure that Transfer solves your hardware dependencies, but from what I can tell, it does. But I want you happy with Rodeo much more than I want your 89 bucks. Pesky raccoons notwithstanding.

>> You can get Rodeo with Transfer for $89 (for another 16 hours) and be able to copy your
>> HTML from the Rodeo editor. That would seem to be a reasonable solution for you.
> Other than making sure the rest on my understanding is correct, that
> is the only *real* question I have left... did you really mean to say
> that Rodeo (not Transfer) also has a web based editor that can be used
> without Apple hardware?

YES. Rodeo has from DAY ONE had an editor that is entirely web-based. It even runs on iPads. Certainly ANY webkit browser. It does not, as I said above, have an HTML view, but then all the non-iPad browsers do have source view.
> --  --  --
> In either case, for the $89 special, webkit based apps can be built
> and hosted from the Rodeo servers for a period of one year before
> requiring a renewal. The only end-user requirement for the hosted
> webkit apps is a webkit based (Safari/Chrome) browser... which means
> that in theory, they should be functional on any platform that has the
> correct browser.

As Ed McMahon would say to Johnny Carson: You are correct, sir!

> Hopefully I haven't butchered that too badly with my present understanding...

You did well. You are the epitome of Dudeness, dude.
> Best regards,
> David C.
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