RevWeb, IE and saving data

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Jul 19 10:54:27 EDT 2010

Richard Miller wrote:

> I'd really like to hear from Revolution management as to when this will
> be fixed. The usefulness of revlets is severely limited if you can't use
> them to save any data to disk under Internet Explorer. I may be missing
> some solution to this, but I can't find it.

Would it be at all possible to store that data on the server like any 
other web app would do?

The biggest obstacle to adoption of the RevWeb plugin is the truly 
frightening warning dialog which is absolutely necessary when a 
server-based component attempts to write anything it wants to a user's 
local drive:


It simplifies your user's experience, and benefits the Rev community as 
a whole, to use server storage wherever possible.

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