RevWeb, IE and saving data

Richard Miller wow at
Mon Jul 19 08:05:59 EDT 2010

That does seem to be the problem. Thanks.

However, I can't figure out yet which setting it is. If I go into the 
Security tab in IE and disable Protected Mode for the 1st zone 
("Internet"), the revlet works fine. But I prefer to find out which 
specific setting in that zone is causing the problem, so I can tell 
users what to do without compromising their IE security unnecessarily.

To do so, I've used the Custom Level button, which brings up a large 
number of options. I've been trying to disable many of those options 
(one at a time) to find the specific problem item, but I've not found it 
yet. It's in there somewhere, but I'm not sure which item might be the 

Any help would be appreciated. I'll keep trying.


On 7/18/10 11:13 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:
> On 7/17/10 10:55 AM, Richard Miller wrote:
>> After more testing, this problem only occurs when the revlet is run from
>> a server. If I put the same revlet on the local drive, IE will allow
>> writing to disk. If it is run from a server, IE prevents writing to
>> disk. Is there a way around this?
> I'm not sure what's causing the problem but it sounds like a 
> permissions issue. Doesn't IE block a lot of that kind of thing unless 
> you set its internet security level lower?

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