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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Jul 18 23:11:03 EDT 2010

On 7/17/10 5:56 PM, Ken Ray wrote:

> The only suggestion I have is to be careful of the "replace comma with cr in
> tFiles" line - if there's a comma in the file name you'll get a wrong
> result. Also you get a bunch of extra "crap" when you have the full paths to
> the files when using "files of folder<folder>".
> Try this instead (watch the line wraps):
>   function getFiles pFolder
>      put revMacFromUnixPath(pFolder) into pFolder
>      put replaceText("tell app `Finder`"&  cr&  \
>        "the name of every file of folder `"&  pFolder&  "`"&  cr&  \
>        "end tell","`",quote) into tScript
>    do tScript as "AppleScript"
>    put replaceText(char 3 to -3 of the result,(quote&  ", "&  quote),CR) into
> tList
>    return tList
> end getFiles

Thanks Ken, you're right of course. I should have known you'd regex 
something. :)

Would have replied sooner but we lost our electricity most of last 
night. I bet the same gigantic thunderstorm hit you too. There was a 
tornado touch-down just north of here.

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