Table field edits

Bill Vlahos bvlahos at
Sun Jul 18 12:18:17 CDT 2010

1. I made a field called "attachments" and use the Geometry Manager to scale the right side of the field to the window. Set the stack for live resizing.

With the following card handlers it works but the screen updates lag and the tab stops don't always get set to the same correct spot.

on resizeStack  -- to adjust tab stops for attachments field
   pass resizeStack
end resizeStack

on resetTabStops
   set the tabstops of field "attachments" to 200, (the width of field "attachments" - 30)
end resetTabStops

2. Is there a way to inhibit cell movement upon a return key press?
Normally when finished editing a cell and pressing Return it goes to the cell below. Can I prevent that from happening and just stay in the same cell?


Bill Vlahos
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