visibility of a second stack called from a main stack

wayne durden wdurden at
Sat Jul 17 14:24:22 EDT 2010

Hello all, I am using Ent. 4.0 and am having an issue where I am using a
button on a main "control center" stack simply to open another stack and
click at the location of a button there.  What happens is that for a moment
the outline of the window for the second stack is visible and I would prefer
it happen completely hidden away.  I have tried locking the screen before
opening the second stack and unlocking at the end of the handler, I have
tried "go invisible stack [name of second stack]" etc., but no matter what
on this XP machine, the second stack's window outline flashes to the screen

For instance, here is the code at the moment:

   --lock screen
   go invisible stack "blogBuilder.rev"

   click at the loc of btn btnBuildAllBlogSections of stack
   close stack "blogBuilder.rev"
   --unlock screen

Note the lock and unlock items were commented out after they proved not to
work.  Additionally, instead of go invisible stack... I have used "open

Appreciate anyone jogging my memory how one solves this...



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