RunRev, Linux, Multiple desktops

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sat Jul 17 13:09:06 EDT 2010

> <snip>

>    I generally keep all my Rev windows in one desktop, so this
>    isn't a big issue for me, but if you have time to help diagnose
>    this the success I found with MC's toolbar closed suggests we
>    might be able to find a relatively simple fix for this.

Frankly I cannot get that worked up about this one:
I'm doing fine with a Siemens 17" cathode-ray job
I found in a dustbin in Scotland about 7 years ago.
When I need more space there's a shop down the road
with a 23" VDU that the chap will almost pay me to
take away so he gets the shelf space back.

I suppose I could jack an old video card in the back and run
2 monitors . . . cheap as chips.

Now, of course, if you cannot stoop to old-fashioned VDUs and have
to have a flat-screen, then I you might want multiple desktops.

The other problems: fonts and so forth, are far more urgent.

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