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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Jul 17 12:57:39 EDT 2010

Peter Alcibiades wrote:
> OK, this is how to reproduce it.
> Fire up Rev, start a new stack, put a button on it.
> Now open the script editor, the property inspector, the dictionary.
> Send the dictionary to desktop A, the property inspector to desktop B.
> Now use either the dictionary, property inspector or the editor.  What
> should happen is that all the windows reassemble themselves on just one
> desktop, one over the other.
> If you do the same thing in Open Office, you'll find that the help stays
> open, stays in the same desktop, and you can move to and fro.  I no longer
> write big complicated spreadsheets, thank heaven, but if you ever do, this
> is invaluable.  You can have the full help application on one desktop and
> what you're working on, on another, and so all the syntax of all those
> functions is instantly available.
> What happens with Rev is that the functionality to move windows around is
> there and working fine, what goes wrong is the next step, the ability to use
> those windows where they are, and have them stay put.
> But if  you've found a way, or a configuration, which allows this, that
> would be truly wonderful!

Yes, I was able to both reproduce it and found a limited way to get 
success - this is from my post at 

    > How exactly has Rev implemented the IDE so that you can't
    > put the property inspector on one desktop and the editor
    > on another?

    That one I think is an engine issue and not governed by the
    IDE stacks per se.

    I verified this hunch using (you guessed it) MC:  moving a
    window to another desktop seems to move it okay at first, but
    going to that desktop puts the window back among the others.

    Interestingly, I find that if I move the main IDE toolbar in
    Rev or MC to another desktop, then all windows go to that desktop.

    I'm not sure exactly what the rule is, but it would seem that
    the toolbar governs which desktop is in use.

    I just ran another test and found something VERY interesting:
    if you close MC's toolbar you can move windows independently
    across different desktops!  Success!

    So now one of us needs to try to pin down exactly what the
    difference is between the working and non-working states here:
    is it the order in which windows are opened?  Their mode?

    If you have time to make a standalone to experiment with this
    the results will likely be invaluable for fixing it.

    I generally keep all my Rev windows in one desktop, so this
    isn't a big issue for me, but if you have time to help diagnose
    this the success I found with MC's toolbar closed suggests we
    might be able to find a relatively simple fix for this.

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