RunRev, Linux, Multiple desktops

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Sat Jul 17 03:47:52 EDT 2010

OK, this is how to reproduce it.

Fire up Rev, start a new stack, put a button on it.  

Now open the script editor, the property inspector, the dictionary.

Send the dictionary to desktop A, the property inspector to desktop B.

Now use either the dictionary, property inspector or the editor.  What
should happen is that all the windows reassemble themselves on just one
desktop, one over the other.

If you do the same thing in Open Office, you'll find that the help stays
open, stays in the same desktop, and you can move to and fro.  I no longer
write big complicated spreadsheets, thank heaven, but if you ever do, this
is invaluable.  You can have the full help application on one desktop and
what you're working on, on another, and so all the syntax of all those
functions is instantly available.  

What happens with Rev is that the functionality to move windows around is
there and working fine, what goes wrong is the next step, the ability to use
those windows where they are, and have them stay put.

But if  you've found a way, or a configuration, which allows this, that
would be truly wonderful!
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